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The ENERGEE®  Approach for Back Pain Relief

The ENERGEE® Approach
The unique ENERGEE® Spine Care approach to lifetime wellness and affordable anytime care incorporates a philosophy that states “It is easier to stay well than to get well”. Therefore by combining the doctors skills and the technology to decompress, strengthen and restore stability of the spine, each patient may experience pain relief and heal naturally.

ENERGEE® Spine Care Benefits
As we age our muscles supporting the spine get weaker. Additionally the vertical pressure from the weight of our torso compresses the vertebrae.  Other inherited ,congenital or acquired factors may add to the irritation of sensitive spinal nerves. Slipped or misaligned disc can bulge or herniate, needing natural nonsurgical realignment. Patients experiencing neck, back arm or leg pain may be suffering from these mechanical causes. Spinal pain is rarely a life threatening condition and in less than 3% of cases are drugs effective long term. Experts agree that mechanical conditions need mechanical care in the form of reduction of compressive pressure and restoration of deconditioned muscles. To accomplish this may require specialized equipment and treatment from doctors trained in non surgical alternatives. That is where the ENERGEE® team comes in.