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Lifestyle Medicine- an Authentic Approach to Health.

The US is ranked # 1 in medical technology but a sad # 36 in HLE 
(Healthy Life Expectancy)
Ask yourself the following questions:

  1.     What good is life if it is not enjoyable?
  2.     What enjoyment do I derive from life if I am sick all of the time?
  3.     What happens if one day I can no longer walk?
  4.     What joy comes from existing to take drugs to stay alive?
  6.     What do I really expect my doctor to do for me?
  7.     Does today's medicine address what I really want out of life?
  8.     What real benefit is a diagnosis or does it merely describe my 
          collection of symptoms?
  9.     Does my doctor provide the care and guidance I really want?
10.     Am I willing to participate in my transformation process from sick to healthy?
11.     Does Allopathic Medicine answer my true aspiration to become healthy?
12.     Are my expectations, desires, and healthcare goals currently satisfied
13.     Do I feel sick most of the time with exhaustion, fatigue and lack of energy?
14.    Am I really enjoying life ?
15.    Are mood swings normal for me? 
16.    Are medications solving or causing many of my symptoms ? 
17.    Am I ready for a real personal transformation from sick to becoming healthy again?

If your answers are moving you towards thoughts of natural solutions you may be ready for customized wellness care and a dose of Energee Lifestyle Medicine.

Personal Wellness Goals:
The ladies and gentlemen at Energee Spine and Wellness are here to transform the lives of our patients through natural healthcare and drug free lifestyle changes. Our 3 point path to recovery addresses the mechanical, chemical and psychogenic needs of our patients. Detoxification is at the top of the lifestyle agenda.

Mechanical-- mechanical refers to the restoration and strengthening of the muscles that that hold the body together. Mechanical realignment of the spinal column that houses the nervous system, can be improved through specific adjustments as indicated. Our staff will guide and motivate our guests toward the development of fitness habits to ensure they live long and healthy lives.

Chemical-- chemical refers to the complex physiology automatically taking place in our bodies. The quality and efficiency of those interactions are regulated by foods and drugs we ingest. The ability for individuals to perform optimally (or sub-maximal) is dependent upon the quantity and quality of the nutrition provided. Energee staff provide customized nutritional supplementation and dietary recommendations which are paramount to a successful transformation from living sick to restoring health.

Psychogenic-- psychogenic refers to the impact of stress and its effect on our well being. Stress can play a major role in blood pressure, immune response time, mood swings and even digestion. The Energee prescription for reducing stress includes relaxation, meditation, massage and far Infrared sauna. The Energee proprietary E-massage, hydromassage, robo-massage and full body massage can restore internal harmony and reduce stress naturally. 

Energee Lifestyle embraces a philosophy that believes
" Health is the Entity....not Disease".