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About ENERGEE and Dr. John Boren, Chiropractor

Chiropractic is a safe, effective, and natural remedy for back pain.

Welcome to ENERGEE® ……..your natural  non-surgical

spine care choice. 

Our consortium of like-minded chiropractic professionals are affiliated via a nationwide network of individually owned Clinics. ENERGEE member visits cost less than the average insurance co-pay. Patient satisfaction and results are generally higher when the “hassle factor” of 3rd party pay programs are eliminated.

Who we are and the ENERGEE® Vision
Mechanical Spinal Pathology is a term coined to describe any non-disease state affecting the spine. Once fracture, tumor, infection or metabolic disease has been ruled out the remaining 97% of most back pain is a mechanical distortion producing nerve pressure and pain. Therefore it makes sense that a condition of mEE® licensed doctors of chiropractic and massage therapists are dedicated to providing state of the art technology and services through an affordable membership plan. This innovative membership allows them to provide “Care for Less” and focus on the most important aspect of their practice which is patient care. As a result most services provided are below techanical origin requires a mechanical treatment. Conservative noninvasive chiropractic therapies including Decompression, SRT and Massage are currently used in thousands of doctors offices worldwide. These treatment options have been proven to be a safe and effective way to save patients from back pain without surgery. Lordex® corporation has been instrumental in pioneering decompression treatment for over 20 years. ENERGEE® doctors and specialty practitioners desire to provide more than just acute pain care. With the rapidly changing healthcare delivery system in the U.S. it is becoming difficult and unaffordable for persons in need of routine maintenance care. Our doctors believe in lifetime wellness which is the core principle guiding the LSI program. ENERGEE® has transformed the experience of expensive and rationed care to a simple and affordable delivery program. Many are concerned that today’s new healthcare reform may eliminate payment for alternative “non-drug “ related care. ENERGEE® Spine Care is the solution to affordable care.
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